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Intentional Living Radio Show

EVERY WEDNESDAY 1:30pm - 3:30Pm

Intentional Living Radio

Join Gary once a week for entertaining, solution-oriented information on personal finance, relationships, character-based leadership both personally and professionally, health and wellness, finding you purpose, and thought-provoking talk on freedom.

Intentional Living Radio is designed to get you thinking about real solutions and resolve in your life, instead of just focusing on obstacles.

This is not fluff-based "theory" content. We're bringing you guests from around the country with massive results in their
area of expertise. Get ready to intentionally take the next step in your life.

Weekly Co-host TJ "Agent" Abell

TJ is a Army Ranger Combat Veteran, husband, father, entrepreneur, and financial services professional. TJ has completed post graduate studies in the area of Greek and Roman history and philosophy. As a former instructor at Northern Illinois University, TJ ranks in the upper 1% IQ of all people in the world. TJ is very independent thinking and has a good ability to describe complex issues with simple language and dry humor. I'm stoked to have him on board.

Kelli Michelle // Kelli's Fitness Pause

Listen in weekly with Kelli Michelle for tips on weight loss, maintaining a healthy weight, maintaining healthy energy levels, reducing stress, meal planning, resistance training, cardiovascular training, understanding macronutrients, and cutting through the sea of misinformation.