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Founder and CEO of Kelli Michelle Fitness, nutrition coach, and personal trainer Kelli Michelle joined us to discuss her financial fitness journey, forgiveness, impacting freedom right in your local community, plus....the good, the bad, and the ugly of supplements and more!

We were joined by Founder, CEO, and Editor-in-Chief of Motivation Magazine, author, speaker, coach, entrepreneur, husband, father, and Naval Veteran Ty Howard. Discussion topics included entrepreneurship as a vehicle to design one's life and path to significance, relationship struggles and solutions, practical steps to financial management, chemicals in food/toxic burden, and more!

Special thanks to 24 year United States Air Force Veteran, entrepreneur, husband, and father Hikmat "Ray" Hanna. He had the integrity to join us live while dealing with a minor household emergency at the last minute. Please bare with the interruptions early in the show, but I think you'll find the content excellent. Discussion topics included Ray and his wife LaTonya's raising of at risk children along side their own, people's struggle for discernment in the information age, character, the dangers of poor childhood nutrition, mental blocks and materialism, plus more.

My lovely wife Crystal joined us to discuss the middle class squeeze, understanding temperaments, reasons people eat "part 2", how economies based on freedom or force effect our financial freedom, and more.

We were joined in studio by Former World Champion, Team USA Kickboxing Coach, International Official, husband, and father Tim "Zurk" Mazurkiewicz to discuss his dream to help WAKO get kickboxing into the Olympics, living in his purpose, paying it forward, work/life integration, being an example to his kids, why people eat, his international travels, and more.

My awesome wife Crystal joined us in studio to discuss controlling spending habits, love languages, micro-nutrients and dehydration, freedom shifts, self directed education, and more

We were joined live in studio by President and Owner of Lial Productions, Frankie Fabre. We discussed the spirit of Patrick Henry, entrepreneurship, being intentional in your marriage, the importance of getting proper sleep and much more.

As seen on Ripley's Believe It Or Not and Only In owner, innovator, family man, and coach, Mark Madson joined us in studio. We discussed thinking outside the box, imagination, developing social capital, the effects of alcohol of the body, living within your means while planning ahead financially, making family a priority, pushing the limits of your potential, and much more.

VP of A Giving Heart Foundation, husband, father, and investment industry compliance officer Nathan Westcomb joined us live in studio. Topics included planning and living within your means financially, developing kids that love to read, people's misunderstanding of what freedom means, and macro-nutrient basics.

Our inaugural show broadcasting live at WXMR 94.3 FM Marengo, IL. We introduced the show concept as well as co-host TJ "Agent" Abell, Kelli Michelle, and myself to new audience.  Other discussion topics included, basics for communication, the lack of education leading to a loss of our freedoms, and "The Financial Matrix".