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Kelli's Fitness Pause

About Kelli Michelle: 


Age 38, 5 foot seven and 137 pounds


Kelli started her fitness career in 2003 as an aspiring figure competitor, bodybuilder and supplement representative for HDT and Wellements. 

After competing in fitness for six years Kelly decided to become a full-time personal trainer and nutrition coach working for the same company the entire duration of her career. In 2013 Kelli decided to go into nutrition part-time and step back from training, focusing on strength and performance athletes, powerlifters, and bodybuilders. 

In 2014, Kelli went into nutrition full-time integrating macronutrient tracking and performance into the CrossFit community, powerlifting, and general population fat loss. Since then, Kelli has received five endorsements in the area of sport specific and general nutrition and one in corrective exercise. 

Kelli is attending Arizona State University postgrad focusing on nutrition and dietetics. She holds a sport nutrition specialist endorsement and fitness nutrition specialist endorsement for NASM. 

About KMF

Kelli Michelle Fitness (KMF) is based out of Phoenix Arizona. KMF conducts seminars on posterior chain training, macronutrient tracking and macronutrient designation for coaches and athletes.

The affiliate KMF team of nutrition coaches is dedicated to bringing you the most personalized fitness and nutrition programming.

We specialize in personalized, accurate, consistent, evidence-based nutrition coaching.

Every individual has different macronutrient-specific needs based on their current goal. Whether it's weight loss (fat loss), endurance training, sport performance nutrition, mass building, or overall tracking for better weight management, health and well-being, we have you covered.

We partner with the best food prep companies, Midwestern Fitness, Macros Edge, and Healthy Lifestyle so that you can learn to prep and plan for success.

What services do we provide?

Nutrition plans for competition prep, sport performance, weight loss, general health and wellness tracking, and meet prep. Training programs for endurance, weightlifting, bodybuilding/physique, CrossFit, and other performance based programming.

To set up a consultation or start on macronutrient tracking please contact us at the link provided below: